Making Beautiful Things

I opened the VectoriaDesigns shop somewhere in 2011, but our real launch was during the summer of 2012. That's when I decided to focus on creating digital materials for scrapbooking and crafting.

Interestingly, I was never really involved with digital scrapbooking myself. Before I fell in love with PhotoShop, I was mainly making jewelry and tutorials. While editing pictures for the tutorials in PhotoShop, I discovered I had more fun doing that than with making physical jewelry, so I decided to switch to an all digital approach. And as I already had an Etsy shop for my jewels, it made sense to continue selling my designs. I just love the total freedom of the empty digital page! You can do anything, go anywhere, be as creative as you want. It's just wonderful.

I totally loved sitting in my craft studio at my computer and creating my designs, and if I could, I would be at it all day. My favorite thing about having a store is that I can share my designs with so many people all over the world! It's just amazing to see how creative other people can be with what I've made. I love the vibrant buzz of the community.

Over the years VectoriaDesigns has grown and I have a team of wonderful designers so I can focus on leading this company, the not-so-romantic admin that comes with having a business, but best of all: I now have a lot more time to develop tutorials and mini projects!

Our design styles have all kinds of vintage, shabby chic and steampunk aesthetics, but really as long as it involves a lot of imagination, I could see me doing some other styles in the future as well. That's where the motto of the store comes from: "Create your own world", I try to live by that every day.

In our studio we make crafting printables.
In our shop we sell joy and inspiration.

So, welcome to VectoriaDesigns, we're most happy to have you here. Let us know what we can be for you. And whatever you do: feel free, wander, touch, explore and create your own world!

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